Answers in the Dark (original song)

Answers in the dark, the silence brooding

An idea begins with a spark, and dawn is looming

Not forgetting melancholy

As the mind drifts onwards, downwards

Memories of past follies Intrude into the daytime dreaming

Answers in the dark

Wondering what wisdom brings

Planning for the future

Drifting with the clouds

And the sky is like a rainbow

While the wild cats prowl

Deserts turn to forests

With the wisdom of an owl

When peace is more than an ideal

The pigeon settles with the dove

An open world beckons

Through the fears and anguish of love


Answers in the dark

Seeing what the new day brings

Deeper than the ocean

Is the song that nature sings

And the sky is like a painting

Always moving, always still

Life is still the main thing

In the vacuum of our will.


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