The LTTE’s Crimes (as they come to mind)

I note that the TGTE (Transnational ‘Government’ of Tamil Eelam) is still flying the LTTE (Tamil Tiger) flag as it calls for another rigged “referendum”. They are having a “public forum” on this in Scarborough, a suburb of Toronto in Canada at which my father, Brian Senewiratne, is speaking later today. Scarborough has the highest concentration of Sri Lankan Tamils outside Sri Lanka, and my father is seeking to radicalise more youth and “convert them” (his words) to the separatist cause, as has been his mission for many years. He has also been trying to get support for a referendum regarding who should lead the Tamils since 2009, while rejecting the elected representatives of the Tamil Sri Lankan citizens.

In March 2009, Brian Senewiratne gave a speech to a fanatical LTTE-supporting crowd in Sydney in which he shouted through a megaphone, at night, outside the Prime Minister’s residence, “Who will negotiate on behalf of the Tamil people? It can’t be Karuna – he’s a murderer. It can’t be Pillayan. No, it’s got to be the LTTE, the LEGITIMATE representatives of the Tamil people, and if there’s any doubt about that can we have a REFERENDUM in the north and east to ask the Tamil people not with a gun in their – your – hand, to ask the Tamil people whether they support the LTTE or any other breakway group and you’ll find that 99.9% support the LTTE because they were the ONLY ones to lay down their lives for our people”.

In 2010 Brian Senewiratne wrote an article for TamilNet after being invited by the Tiger-supporting website to comment on the TGTE’s last rigged referendum. It was titled “Real War Is Just Beginning – Get Involved”.

While everyone else was celebrating peace and working for reconciliation, my war-mongering father was calling for the Tamil people to give his organization (the TGTE) more money to pay lawyers to prepare vexatious legal action against the Sri Lankan leaders who defeated the LTTE.

This is one of the comments I have left on the TGTE Media Youtube page yesterday:

The LTTE is responsible for crimes against humanity and war crimes.
Their known crimes include, as they come to mind:
1. Murder of Mayor Alfred Duraiappah (1975)
2. Murder of numerous Tamil political leaders including Amirthalingam and Lakshman Kadirgamar (1975-2006)
3. Murder of Dr Rajini Thirinagama (1990)
4. ‘Ethnic cleansing’ of Muslims in Jaffna
5. Targeting Sinhalese civilians in villages, buses and trains
6. Bombing the Central Bank in Colombo
7. Bombing the Dalada Maligawa (Temple of the Tooth) in Kandy
8. Attacking a Buddhist shrine in Anuradhapura killing several child monks
9. Using Tamil civilians as a “human shield” in 1995 and again in 2008 and 2009
10. Torture of dissidents against LTTE rule
11. Neglect of the education, health and other needs of Tamil civilians under their rule
12. Black and grey propaganda
13. Extortion of the expatriate Tamils
14. Persecuting opponents of the LTTE in many countries, including Australia
15. Brainwashing Tamil youth into militarism and suicide
16. Bank robberies
17. Credit card fraud
18. Gang warfare (against other Tamil youth gangs)
19. Starting a war (which is a war crime)

One can add:

20. Conscripting child soldiers
21, Abducting children and making them fight
22. Programming youth to commit suicide with cyanide
23. Programming suicide bombers
24. Developing new suicide bomber technology (“suicide vests”)
25. Drug smuggling
26. People smuggling
27. Murder of President Ranasinghe Premadasa and numerous other Sri Lankan politicians
28. Murder of Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi

and other crimes….

After the war ended in May 2009, the UN Spokesman Gordon Weiss appeared on Australian TV and said that all the LTTE leadersip had been killed or captured at the end of the war. This was not true. The Tamil Tiger leadership was and is an international organization with a complex, informal structure. This structure has remained active after the war and leads the efforts to take vexatious legal action against the Sri Lankan milittary leaders (notably Lt. Col. Gotabaya Rajapaksa and Field Marshall Sarath Fonseka) that led the war against the LTTE. My father, Brian Senewiratne, has led this campaign, and arranged for the TGTE to employ the Australian-British barrister Geoffrey Robertson to prepare the case. Robertson agreed to do so, but his services were not pro bono. Brian Senewiratne appealed to the Tamil expatriates, who he believes to have deep pockets, to fund this “expert legal opinion”. Now it’s all falling apart, and the expatriate Tamils are showing less and less interest in the TGTE and their shenanigans.

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