Threats by the PA Hospital

I was just visited unannounced by Raghavan ‘Raghy’ Raman from the corrupt Princess Alexandra Hospital. He brought a different woman from last time – an overweight white woman wearing spectacles who said she was a “clinical psychologist”.

Raman said that “the psychosis team” had decided that I would no longer be injected in my home (after I filmed it) and I had to go to the “Wooloongabba Clinic” to be injected with whatever the “doctor” ordered. They refused to name the doctors at the meeting who had decided this, and told me that I could ring the “team leader”, Sharon Locke on the number: 3317 1070 to discuss it. They refused to let me photograph them, and got very alarmed when I held my camera up.

These people are reluctant to give their real names, and their ID cards are worn on their belt so they are hard to see. I saw that her name if Gemma McKeon and she refused to tell me where she graduated. She laughed, with a forced laugh and Raman laughed too. He was very tense and curt, though, and said he didn’t have “time” to talk to me and that he had been trying to ring me but it kept going to message bank. My phone has not been off the hook and I haven’t been using it much.

When I pressed them, they admitted that Ghazala Watt had been at the “meeting” along with Sharon Locke, but wouldn’t say who else is on the “psychosis team” or who is in charge of it. I know that this is a corrupt and incompetent Indian psychiatrist by the name of Balaji Motamarri (see his Facebook and Linkedin pages).

I did ring the number, saying that I was Dr Alagaratnam, and a woman answered saying “psychosis team, can I help you?”

I asked her who was in charge of the psychosis team and she said Sharon Locke (I checked that it was spelled Locke, rather than Loch or Lock). She is the “team leader”, and they only disclose the names of the doctors to other doctors.

I asked if she could tell me how many doctors there were in the ‘psychosis team’.

She said, “6 or 7”

“Is it 6 or is it 7?” I asked


I asked for all their names.

She said “There’s doctor Nelligan”

“What’s his first name?” I asked
“Adrian, why do you want to know this?”

I said there had been complaints about the psychosis team and I was investigating.

She then said that I needed to ring their Head Office, on 3156 9801.

“Who do I ask for?” I asked

“Her name’s Amanda”

“Amanda what?”

“Amanda Singh”

“”That’s an Indian name”

“Yes” . .

I then asked to speak to Sharon Locke, but was told she was in a meeting. I said to tell her to expect a call from me at 3.00 pm.

I was expecting the PA Hospital to try this again. They’ve got me locked up at my father’s request on more that 20 occasions over the years that I have been fighting against the LTTE. This is how the LTTE operate. They are cowards – I am expecting the corrupt Queensland Police Service to come to my house later today and take me back to the hospital to be locked up again, so my father can ransack my house again and destroy the evidence I have been posting against him. He has done this in past, most recently in 2015.

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