Message to the South African Health Minister and Deputy Health Minister about AIDS and biological warfare

Dear Drs Mkhize and Phaahla,

I am relieved to find medical doctors at the head of the health ministry in South Africa. I have conducted independent research in Australia since 1996 into Australia’s covert biological warfare programs and gathered convincing evidence that HIV was developed as a biological weapon at a time that Africa was being blamed for “global overpopulation”, a concern in the West since the 1950s. South-East Asians were also blamed for breeding too fast and there were efforts to promote condoms some years before the AIDS epidemic.

In the 1960s there were calls to achieve ZPG (zero population growth) by 2000 and in the 1950s Sir Charles Galton Darwin (the physicist grandson of the famous biologist), at the California Institute of Technology (CALTECH) urged his audience to work on a “tremendous” solution, “more brutal then warfare and even nuclear warfare” to the supposed problem of “overpopulation”. In the 1960s the Stanford professor Paul Erlich published ‘The Population Bomb’ which blamed catastrophic population increases on Africa, in particular. In the 1950s (during the White Australia Policy) the famous Australian immunologist Frank Macfarlane Burnet secretly recommended to the Australian military top brass that Australia should develop its biological warfare programs and use them offensively against the civilian populations of Indonesia, writing that “poverty and disease alone have kept numbers of our coloured neighbours in check”. Burnet collaborated with the US NIH and British Porton Down biological warfare HQ.

There have been layers of disinformation in both the mainstream and ‘alternative’ media about AIDS These include the claim made by Professor Peter Duesberg that HIV does not cause AIDS. President Thabo Mbeki was mislead by this disinformation but he has also been misrepresented – his actual statement was that HIV causes immunosuppression, but there are many other causes of immunosuppression including poor nutrition, which is true. His belief that a virus cannot cause a syndrome is mistaken. However he was not privy to the information I was trying, with limited means, to get out of Australia to Africa. This information related to my investigations of eugenics, biological warfare and the Burnet and Hall Institutes in Melbourne.

The Hall Institute (previously the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute is part of the University of Melbourne and is a premier immunology research institute that was run by Sir Gustav Nossal who was in charge of the WHO smallpox eradication program that was named by Drs Stecker, Seale and Cantwell as probable source of AIDS. Prior to Nossal, the Hall Institute was headed by Sir Frank Macfarlane Burnet after whom the Burnet Institute is named.

The Burnet Institute is affiliated with Monash University and located at the Alfred Hospital in Melbourne and has been the subject of my investigations since 1997, when I read a brochure by the institute (then called the Macfarlane Burnet Centre) based on a lecture by the Institute’s director, Professor John Mills.

I completed a 600-paged thesis detailing my investigations in 2001, but the work was suppressed and I was locked up as a mental patient with the claim that I was “paranoid” and deluded to believe that HIV is man-made. I have recently published an electronic version of this book on Scribd (though the statistics on views and likes are not registering).

I have also published a shorter edit (and update) in 2010.

I would be thankful of you could read these books and watch the documentaries I have made on YouTube:

This is a recent update on my AIDS investigations:

Please feel free to contact me if you need more evidence that HIV is being used for genocide in Africa.

Yours truly

Dr Romesh Senewiratne-Alagaratnam

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