Plunder of my Sanctuary

My urban forest and bird sanctuary were vandalised and plundered again. It was a malicious attack by a ‘team’ (gang) employed by my hostile sister Shireen Senewiratne and led by a psychopath by the name of Michael Cassimaty. In addition, I was hospitalised for 10 days after my property was poisoned. I have photos, documents and video evidence of the culprits and crimes.

Prelude to the Poisoning and Plunder

My sister Shireen sent me this letter in 2021. Her lawyer Fiona Kennedy, owner and principal of the law firm Delaney and Delaney, has illegally retained the title deeds of my property at which I established the Holistic University of Brisbane (HUB) back in 2008 when my mother and I bought 76 Fegen Drive, Moorooka. This was despite the opposition of my hostile father Brian Senewiratne. The HUB and HUN (Holistic University Network) are online education businesses.

I also established Black Diamond Industries (BDI), Purple Dolphin Technologies (PDT), Dr Romesh’s Bird Sanctuary (DRBS), Cosmopolitan Green Ecology (CGE) and other Golden Ant Enterprises (GAE) over the next few years. That is why I use a lot of water. By the way, I did not have an agreement with my mother as my sister claimed. My mother agreed to pay me $500/month for promoting her art on line. She also wrote to the Brisbane City Council (BCC) that she intended to transfer the deeds to me back in 2016, but my sister talked her out of it. My mother also promised me $100,000 of the money she got for the sale of 3 acres of valuable land at 292 Pine Mountain Road, Carina Heights, but my greedy sister got our to open a joint account with her and stole it all.

Video I made in 2009 of my mother’s art using my own original music
Phone message to my abusive sister Shireen Senewiratne in response to her threatening note
Phone message to my abusive sister Shireen Senewiratne


Message to my sister Shireen about crimes by our father Brian Senewiratne & the LTTE (Tamil Tigers)

First visit by the thug Michael Cassimaty

This rude, arrogant criminal, now employed by my sister, has previously done ‘jobs’ for both our father Brian Senewiratne and his mistress Joyce Achong. He is evidently criminally insane.

Vandalism and Plunder on 19 and 20 September

After saying ‘Don’t f’*ing film me cu*t’ the thug who brought the skip bin punched me, kicked me and tried to smash my camera

I called 000 after I was assaulted but the cops took Cassimaty’s side:

The Moorooka police station sent officers Michael Walters and Steve Green who took the side of crooked Cassimaty
My sister wrote that her team included security guards from DCA Security to ‘keep the job safe. They actually worked for DSA Security and would not disclose their surnames as is required by law. I found out the skinny ‘boss’ of the duo is Daniel McNeven. The obese, bearded thug named James admitted his father worked the American weapons manufacturer Raytheon.
The cops sided with my sister and her gang of theives. The tattooed, bearded cop is South African.
As you can see, they treated me with utter contempt. They also cut down and killed more than 10 healthy, young Royal Poinciana trees out of pure malice in addition to stealing bamboo, monsterias, ferns, cacti, daisies and honeysuckle as well as flower pots and wood.
I also have video evidence of Cassimaty conferring with my hostile bigoted neighbours at 74 and 78 Fegen Drive. These people have got me locked up numerous times by making false, malicious reports about me, as you can see from this publication:
Evidence against Jeffrey Mitchell Miller and Colin Griffiths
My sister claimed her team would include two ‘gardeners’. I asked this man who ravaged my garden with a chain saw and whipper-snipper if he was a gardener and he admitted he wasn’t one. He also disbelieved the extinction crisis, climate change and loss of biodiversity.

I heard this guy say, “You could make a Vietnam war movie here.”
And they returned the next day and again in November.

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