Patents by Dr Romesh Senewiratne-Alagaratnam Arya Chakravarti

Gondwana Patent System (GPS)

Patents by Dr Romesh Senewiratne-Alagaratnam

  1. Solar Direct Light Technology (SDLT)
  2. Solar Direct Rejuvenation Therapy (SDRT)
  3. Dolphin Eye Technology (DET)
  4. Cosmopolitan Green Architecture (CGA)
  5. Holistic Psychological Profiling (HPP)
  6. Holistic Health Model (HHM)
  7. Holistic Tai Chi (HTC)
  8. Holistic Yoga (HY)
  9. Holistic Therapeutic Calisthenics (HTC)
  10. Holistic Music Therapy (HMT)
  11. Holistic Art Therapy (HAT)
  12. Integrated Model of the Brain and Mind
  13. Holistic Psychological Counselling (HPC)
  14. Holistic Multidirectional Learning (HMDL)
  15. Golden Ant Enterprises (GAE)
  16. Black Ant Enterprises (BAE)
  17. Black Ant Industries (BAI)
  18. Black Ant Energy (BAE)
  19. Red Ant Energy (RAE)
  20. Green Ant Energy (GAE)
  21. Cosmopolitan Music Theory (CMT)
  22. Cosmopolitan Green Agriculture (CGAg)
  23. Cosmopolitan Green Ecology (CGE)
  24. Black Diamond Industries (BDI)
  25. Purple Dolphin Technologies (PDT)
  26. Black Dolphin Technologies (BDT)
  27. Green Ray Technology (GRT)
  28. Gold Ray Technology (GRT)
  29. Black Ray Technology (BRT)
  30. Brown Ray Technology (BRT)
  31. Orange Ray Technology (ORT)
  32. Ruby Ray Technology (RRT)
  33. Pink Ray Technology (PRT)
  34. Purple Ray Technology
  35. Violet Ray Technology
  36. Grey Ray Technology (GRT)
  37. Yellow Ray Technology (YRT)
  1. Ultraviolet Ray Technology
  2. Infrared Ray Technology
  3. Cosmic Ray Technology
  1. Silver Ray Technology (SRT)
  2. Copper Ray Technology
  3. Aluminium Ray Technology (ART)
  4. Steel Ray Technology (SRT)
  5. Nickel Ray Technology (NRT)
  1. Silicon Carbon Dating Machine (SCDM)
  2. Spectrophotography
  3. BDI Spectrophotography (BSPG)
  4. HUB Spectrophotography (HSPG)
  5. BDI Spectrophotometry (BSPM)
  6. HUB Spectrophotometry (HSPM)
  7. HUB Proton Microscope (HPM)
  8. BDI Proton Microscope (BPM)
  9. HUB Electron Microscope (HEM)
  10. BDI Electron Microscope (BEM)
  11. HUB Neutron Microscope (HNM)
  12. BDI Neutron Microscope (BNM)
  13. HUB Photon Microscope (HPM)
  14. BDI Photon Microscope (BPM)
  15. HUB Quark Microscope (HQM)
  16. BDI Quark Microscope (BQM)
  17. Proton Timeline (PTL)
  18. Neutron Timeline (NTL)
  19. Electron Timeline (ETL)
  20. Quark Timeline (QTL)
  21. Dr Rom’s Truth Machine (DRTM)
  22. Dr Rom’s Peace Machine (DRPM)
  1. Dr Rom’s Money Machine (DRMM)
  2. Astral Grid (AG)
  3. Global Solar Grid (GSG)
  1. Lunar Grid (LG)
  2. Global Energy Grid (GEG)
  3. Global Geothermal Energy Grid (GGEG)
  4. HUB Crystalology (HC)
  5. BDI Crystalology (BC)
  6. Bubblology
  7. Bubblometry
  8. Bubblography
  9. HUB Bubblology (HB)
  10. BDI Bubblology (BB)
  11. HUB Bubblometry (HBM)
  12. BDI Bubblometry (BBM)
  13. HUB Bubblography (HBG)
  14. BDI Bubblography (BBG)
  15. HUB Linear Accelerator (HLA)
  1. Dr Rom’s Facts Machine (DRFM)
  2. Royal Poinciana Power (RPP)
  3. Gondwana Wind Power (GWP)
  4. Gondwana Hydro Power (GHP)
  5. Gondwana Rain Power (GRP)
  6. Dr Rom’s Weather Machine (DRWM)
  7. BDI Hydro Power (BHP)
  8. Model Power (MP)
  9. Hanna Power (HP)
  10. Paola Power (PP)
  1. Jenya Power (JP)
  2. Kami Power (KP)
  3. Gecko Power (GP)
  4. Crow Power (CP)
  5. Miner Power (MP)
  6. Manorina Power (MP)
  7. Parrot Power (PP)
  8. Turkey Power (TP)
  9. Currawong Power (CP)
  10. Brown Eagle Industries (BEA)
  11. Blue Diamond Industries (BDI)
  12. Black Diamond Industries (BDI)
  13. Purple Diamond Indus Trees (PDIT)

Mind-body healing mechanism

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