Music Therapy – some postulates

1. Music is an underutilized therapeutic tool.
2. Specific music therapy interventions can be designed and applied for specific medical and psychological problems and tailor-made according to the needs of individual clients.
3. Music therapy interventions need to be based on the specific tastes of the client, though there should be attempts to broaden and guide taste in the direction of healthy music.
4. Identifying healthy music requires attention to lyrical messages as well a musical qualities.
5. Broadening taste and appreciation of music from around the world increases the “therapeutic armoury” available to therapists using music as a medicine.
6. Pleasure from music is healing to the body and mind.
7. Even good music can be unpleasant and harmful if played at the wrong volume or through poor quality sound systems.
8. Taste in music is dynamic and changes with age and maturity, though some people become stuck in their appreciation on particular genres or artists; this is reinforced by the music industry that creates idols and fanaticism (fans are short for fanatics).
9. There is such a thing as good taste in music, and taste can be consciously improved.
10. Though music can be healing, silence is golden.

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