Biological Warfare and Rabies

In 1973, when I was 13 years old, my father Dr Brian Senewiratne unexpectedly came home from the Kandy Hospital (in Sri Lanka) and told me to get into the car. He said he had something to show me.I thought he was taking me to “The Lab” as it was called, but instead he took me to a small dark room containing a single man who was lying on a bed. My father said to my horror, “This man is dying of rabies”. He then pointed to the air-conditioner on the wall. “We have heard that rabies can be transmitted through air-conditioners” so we are going to have to stop our research”.” I remember the event because I was terrified. I had been previously told that rabies is the most deadly virus known to man.I was familiar with the fact that my father had been injecting rabies into white rabbits that his cousin Terence Senewiratne was breeding at the Peradeniya University. I did not know why or the fact that rabbits were being used to “harvest” the rabies virus. I also did not know anything about biological warfare, though a year later my cousins in Colombo told me about what were called “cold weapons” and that these had proliferated during the ‘Cold War’.I discussed his rabies research and experiments with my father over the phone in 2001 and again in 2011 and 2017. His account has significantly changed, though he did not deny taking me to the hospital to see the dying man. He defended his actions and so did my mother, who suggested that maybe it was something I wanted to do.In 2001 my father told me that he had performed an experimental procedure on 6 people with rabies, all of whom had died. The experiment was to insert a lumbar puncture needle and siphon off the cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) replacing it with “saline with some added protein”. The scientific rationale was to “reduce the viral load”.I asked what he did with the infectious cerebrospinal fluid. He said, back in 2001, that they “irradiated it and dumped it somewhere in Kandy”. He said this involved on of his friends in the radiology department. I expressed concern that irradiating a virus could lead it to mutate.When I asked him about this in 2011 he claimed that rather than irradiating the CSF he had “put it in formalin and disposed of it”. He also said that he had only done the procedure on one patient. He also denied that they were infecting rabbits with rabies.

Some reasons to think AIDS is man-made

1, The history of eugenics and the paranoia about “overpopulation” in what was called the “Third World” in the 1960s and 1970s.

2. The exhortation by Sir Charles Darwin (British nuclear physicist and grandson of the famous biologist) at the California Institute of Technology (CALTECH) in 1959 to apply their minds to developing a solution “more brutal than warfare” to reduce the population of what he called “backward countries” whose increasing populations he claimed was a threat more serious than nuclear warfare.

3. The publications by the Stanford University professor Paul Erlich, including the influential best-seller “The Population Bomb”.

4. The 1950 recommendation by Sir Frank Macfarlane Burnet for Australian scientists to develop the biological weapons industry and use bioweapons offensively against civilian populations in Indonesia and Asia, saying that “poverty and disease alone have kept our coloured neighbours in check”.

5. The Syphilis progression studies done in Tuskegee on “Black” Americans.

6. The other nations that have been involved in the development of biological weapons during the Second World War and Cold War.

7. The 1969 request to the US Senate by Dr. Donald Macarthur for money to develop a refractory germ that causes collapse of the immune system and his claim at the time that many countries were working on such a germ.

8. The research that was done at the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute at the University of Melbourne by Macfarlane Burnet after he returned from a visit to the British biological warfare laboratories at Porton Down. This was on genetic engineering using plasmids, T-cell and B-cell (lymphocytes) function and monoclonal antibodies. It is also relevant that before he got involved in immunology, Burnet was interested in what were called “exotic viruses” which were systematically collected from tropical regions and injected into a range of experimental animals (including monkeys and, at this time, chimpanzees).

9. The global epidemiology of AIDS, vested interests in creating disease, and the history of scientific racism, colonial atrocities in Africa and the history of Belgian biological and chemical warfare as well as that of the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine.

10, The reasons behind what were called “Pattern 1” and “Pattern 2” epidemiology of AIDS and the fact that the previous targets of genocidal eugenics programs were notable “high risk populations”.

11. The sources for funding of the AIDS programs and their connection with the white-supremacist eugenics movement.

Heliophobia and Newton

I have proved beyond doubt that looking directly at the Sun is essential for health of the eyes and that Isaac Newton was wrong when he said it is dangerous. This was Newton’s biggest mistake, and precipitated hundreds of years of heliophobia (irrational fear of the Sun) in the West (and subsequently in the East as well).

I started looking at the sun in 1995, when I was 34 years old. I also stopped wearing sunglasses, which I had worn since I was about 20 years old (when I was a medical student and followed a warning by our lecturers at the University of Queensland that looking even briefly at the Sun burns to retina). By the time I was 34 years old I was unable to tolerate glare and was noticing a deterioration in my visual acuity compared to when I was a child, when I had exceptional eyesight).

I approached looking at the Sun with trepidation at first; now it is part of my daily routine and my eyesight continues to improve. I have noticed a particular improvement over the past few months when I have been doing my own style of yoga, which includes ‘Salute to the Sun’ while looking directly at the Sun. The Salute to the Sun was invented in the Sri Lankan eastern port city of Trincomalee (Thirukonamalai in Tamil). It is intended to be done facing the Sun and looking at it.The reasons for this can be explained scientifically. Looking at the Sun exercises the intraocular muscles, including the iris and ciliary muscles. When the iris contracts the pupil dilates. This allows more light into the eyes. When you look at bright light sources the pupil constricts. Looking at the Sun, the pupil constricts maximally and the iris is exercised (the iris is not under voluntary control but is influenced by the autonomic nervous system).

The rays of the Sun are effectively lasers due to the distance of the Sun. Lasers are light rays that are parallel and have the same wavelength and frequency (which are related). You can consequently correct visual deficits by looking at the Sun, though there are many other things you can do to improve vision – noting that there are some things that can only be read wearing magnifying lenses. When lasers were first invented the military-industrial complex wanted to use them to cut, burn and kill. They made laser guns and now they have made laser cannons. The technology can be used to correct vision, something that the Mossad knows all about – they are the ones who developed laser eye correction. I have refined laser eye correction using the direct rays of the Sun together with laser discs (compact discs – CDs and digital versatile discs – DVDs).

It is also known that smoking ganja improves vision by correcting the pressure of the fluid in the eye (intraocular pressure, which is called glaucoma when it is too high). Cannabis has been known to be an effective treatment for glaucoma for a long time. It is also known to divers and underwater photographers that ultraviolet light is essential for seeing the full spectrum of Nature’s colours in the sea.

The New York ophthalmologist William Bates advocated looking at the Sun in the 1920s but predicated that his work would be suppressed by the medical profession and optometrists whose livelihood depended on prescribing glasses (spectacles) and surgery. He was right. His work and even his name were not mentioned to me in my medical training at university, the public hospital system or my ‘Continued Medical Education’ (CME) run by the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP).

With my new exercise program that I’m calling Arya Chakravarthy Therapy (with the excellent acronym of ACT) my health has improved considerably, and I am using my original techniques to recover from several decades of poisoning with dopamine-blocking drugs that are still making me dribble saliva. To my immense relief, I was told last week that the PA Hospital is not going to force these poisons on me any more (though they offered me oral antipsychotic drugs as well as the anti-Parkinsonian drug benztropine for the hypersalivation, both of which I refused). I also have a hypothesis that looking at the Sun protects against the development of cataracts (lens opacities) and that the claim that ultraviolet (UV) light causes cataracts is incorrect and another manifestation of heliophobia. This hypothesis remains to be tested.

HUB Legal Department

My Recent Abuse by the PA Hospital

Romesh Senewiratne-Alagaratnam

Founder and Director at Holistic University Network (HUN)43 articles

I have had a couple of weeks to reflect on the week I was locked up at the Princess Alexandra (PA) Hospital in Brisbane and observe the effects of the drugs that have been forced on me. I am very angry about it and with the doctors who negligently and cruelly denied me my right to freedom and ordered that I be injected unnecessarily in the A&E Department (I had not had an accident and there was no emergency), forced to take oral antipsychotic drugs in hospital (under threat of being injected if I refused, for which “Security” would be called) and that antipsychotic “depot” injections be restarted.

I have good reason to believe that there has been a deliberate effort to humiliate me by the psychiatrists in charge, who have appointed a series of junior doctors to “diagnose” and “treat” me. Of the past 5 psychiatrists who have been put “in charge” of me, none has been an Australian or an Australian graduate, although I was seen for a “second opinion” by a Dr. Frances Dark, who has been a psychiatrist at the PA for 28 years, including many years in common with my hostile father, Dr. Brian Senewiratne.

I liked Dr. Dark when I met her for about an hour. Her name had been suggested for a “second opinion” by the psychiatrist who had been put in charge of me this time (in the ‘East Wing’ ward). His name, he told me, was “Dr Parashar”, but he would not tell me his first name or where he qualified. Parashar told me when he saw me the day after I was locked up there that he had spoken to “Dr. Joseph” and he wanted to restart the “depot” This was a long-acting preparation of a dopamine receptor-blocking drug called Paliperidone (made by the Belgian company Janssen, which is now part of Johnson and Johnson). The injections themselves are manufactured in Poland for an American company called SMP. SMP stands for ‘Standard Motor Products’!

Janssen markets this drug as “Invega Sustenna”. Its effects are indeed sustained, but this drug has the opposite effect of invigoration. It blocks receptors for the essential neurotransmitter dopamine, which is involved in complex cognition (frontal lobes) as well as emotions (limbic system) and movement (basal ganglia). It also has important roles in endocrine metabolism, especially related to the pituitary gland that is connected by the pituitary stalk to the hypothalamus. These well-established facts explain some of the many adverse effects of these drugs, including sexual dysfunction, immune suppression, anhedonia, hyperprolactinaemia, Parkinsonism, Tardive Dyskinesia, overheating, heart disease (and sudden death), hypersalivation (which the psychiatrists call “drooling’, which they treat with drugs that block the neurotransmitter Acetyl Choline (ACh) – causing yet more side-effects) and slurred speech. The so-called “health workers” (a range of whom now call themselves “clinicians”) in the Australian hospitals also systematically ignore and minimise the adverse effects. People who are concerned about them are routinely pathologised as having “somatic concern”, which is described in “rating scales” such as the PANSS and BPRS as signs of “schizophrenia” and mental illness, rather than reasonable concerns about the poisoning that mental patients are routinely subjected to.

In 2016 a new Mental Health Act (MHA) was passed in Queensland. Under the new act the system was supposed to be more “patient-centred”. They abolished the much-abused “Involuntary Treatment Orders” (ITOs) but merely changed the name to “Treatment Authority” (TA). According to both the new Act and the previous MHA, five criteria need to be met for continuing to keep people on ITOs/TAs. These include that they continue to show signs of ongoing mental illness, and that they pose an imminent risk to society or themselves. The loophole they have used for at least the past 20 years is to argue that the patient will “deteriorate” (posing risk to themselves) if they refuse treatment or refuse to agree that they are mentally ill (termed “lack of insight” which is also listed as a sign of psychopathology by the PANSS and BPRS rating scales). This is a reverse Catch-22. In Heller’s satirical comedy, the Catch-22 was that since war is madness, anyone who wanted discharge from the American military because they were mentally ill should be refused, since they were sane. In the psychiatric system, the opposite situation prevails. The patients are called mentally ill simply for refusing to agree that they are.

This is very cruel, given the many prejudices and biases inherent in the diagnostic criteria and doctrines of European (and Anglo-American psychiatry).

I have been under the “authority” of Anup Joseph since November last year when he replaced Tarun Sehgal, who is also Indian and very much junior to me. Neither Joseph nor Sehgal were prepared to accept that my father supported the Tamil Tigers (LTTE) and Frances Dark (who has known him for many years) also said she did not know it. This is despite the case manager Nigel Lewin and registrar Sagir Parker (who is also Indian) checking on the Internet and confirming that what I had said about my father had been true all along. Frances Dark told me, to my surprise, that my father is still influential despite his age (and behaviour), that he was a well-known PA Hospital “character” and that though she didn’t like to say it, I would not be free of the psychiatric system till my father “passes on”. Both she and Lewin accepted that my father got me locked up because he didn’t like me, and that he had provided false information to the hospitals in an effort to convince psychiatrists that I am mentally ill and “psychotic”. Lewin also told me he knows that my father was abusive and cruel to both me and my mother when I was growing up. ‘I know, I know” he said, “But when are you going to let it go?”

Parashar, Tarun Sehgal and Anup Joseph answer to the “Psychiatry Director” Manaan Kar Ray, who came to Brisbane to take up the position from England in 2018, where he had been director of the “Cambridgeshire and Petersborough Foundation Trust” psychiatric unit, and, he boasts on his LinkedIn profile, responsible for a large workforce and budget. He had been invited “down under” (as he called it in a presentation promoting his “Promise” campaign against coercion in 2016) by David Crompton, who was executive director of Metro South Health and Hospital Service (MSHHS) for many years, during which I was locked up and chemically tortured many times under a series of so-called “psychiatrists”. There are lots of “executives” running Metro South, headed by a CEO on a big salary. The Executive Director of Psychiatry for many of the years I have been persecuted by this hospital was Dr. Balaji Motamarri, who is also an Indian graduate (from PGIMER). His few publications admit in the small print that he has accepted “fees and/or hospitality” from a number of drug companies, including Janssen. He has promoted the use of LAIs (Long-Acting Injectables) also known as “depot injections”. Motamarri also claimed not to know that my father supported the Tamil Tiger terrorists, but said he didn’t want to see the evidence I offered to provide when I talked to him on the phone last year. Then behind the scenes was a sinister old psychiatrist by the name of Paul Schneider, who locked me up five times on my father’s instigation in 2001 (when I came back to Brisbane from Melbourne in the hope of better treatment and more understanding of my work in my home state and hometown). Clarifying this, I do not mean better psychiatric treatment – I just wanted to be left alone. I was quite happy with my mental state, even if my family was not.

Shortly after I was locked up I asked if an appointment could be made for me to see the director Manaan Kar Ray. On my second visit to see Anup Joseph he told me that he had discussed me with Kar Ray, and they had decided to increase the dose of the Paliperidone back to 100 mg (it had been reduced to 75 mg due to the readily evident side-effects of drooling and slurred speech), but both refused to talk to me on the phone. Neither visited me during the week I was locked up under the authority of Parashar. This is high-handed treatment, to say the least. It is also grossly negligent to advise that depot injections which had made me very unwell be restarted on the basis of hearsay without checking the veracity of the claims by talking to me directly, and also doing a proper mental state examination. This is what Joseph did, and Parashar and Dark agreed with.

I had told Frances Dark that I was angry that the psychiatrists all refused to read my work on the neurosciences, psychiatry and psychology. They argued (and Motamarri agreed, when I spoke to him on the phone) that what I have written is “not relevant”. They have also refused to look at my work on the Internet and would not even Google my name. They pointedly refuse to address me as “doctor” but they use the title for respect, credibility and authority themselves. The “doctors” routinely hide their responsibility for the negligent and abusive decisions they make by saying it is the decision of “the team”. The fact is that it is a rigidly hierarchical system, run by executives who do not even visit the wards. I was told by the charge nurse that Kar Ray is informed by the “NUMs”. NUMs are “Nurse Unit Managers”. It is administration gone mad.

I told one of the male Filipino nurses that my considered opinion was that the people running the health system are more interested in money and promotions (with a salary increase) than healing people. He agreed. In addition, the psychiatry registrar Sagir Parker told me that “we all know that pharmaceutical corruption is rampant”. What he admitted was common knowledge did not dissuade him from trying to “qualify” as a psychiatrist in what he admitted is a corrupt system (I videotaped this admission when Nigel Lewin brought Parkar to my house when he came to inject me). He also admitted, when I pressed him on it, that the psychiatrist he reported to was none other than Paul Schneider. Schneider also wrote the first script out for Paliperidone 150 mg after I was discharged by Jumoke Banjo (from Nigeria) who had locked me up and chemically tortured in 2017 (for 10 days), again on the instigation of my father. This dose was reduced to 100 mg due to slurring of my speech and hypersalivation (drooling). They also caused me to have no ejaculate at all, but this was not of concern to the cruel doctors who ordered this abusive treatment.

Dr. Dark asked me if I wanted her to read my work. I had been allowed home for an hour with Nigel Lewin and had brought two of my publications with me – “Music and the Brain – Therapeutic Use of Music”(2001) and “An Integrated Model of the Brain and Mind” (1999) back to the hospital. She initially took the books but then changed her mind and said, “They say neither a borrower nor a lender be” and gave them back to me. However, she promised to read my work online and I asked her to do a search on Google for “Golden Ant Enterprises”. She asked when I was going to be discharged and I told her Nigel had said the plan was for discharge in two days time. She said she’d get back to me the next day.

The next day she came to see me in the early afternoon. Instead of reading my publications as she had promised, or looking me up on the Internet, she told me she had read all the MHRT Clinical Reports since 2009. She said I had provided my perspective and she wanted to get that of “the service”. I protested that these reports are thorough character-assassinations, make numerous false claims about me, don’t say a single nice thing about me, fail to mention any of my academic and professional achievements and omit other important facts (including that my father, who organised many of my incarcerations, was a long-time employee of the hospital). Dr. Dark told me, to my disappointment, that she was advising that they go ahead with the depot injections.

I have said that I liked Frances Dark. Even after she negligently and abusively recommended that I be injected I was polite to her and thanked her for the opinion. Then I got home and checked her out online. There is a single YouTube clip featuring a lecture she gave (presenting slides with her voice but no images of her) and a LinkedIn profile indicating that she has 74 connections. I have more than 13,000 connections on LinkedIn and had more than 70 connection requests waiting for my approval when I returned from the week I spent locked up. Dark’s presentation is on substance abuse, which she says is not an area of her expertise, says she is a swimmer and that is “her thing”, claims to have expertise in “rehabilitation” and says a lot about “schizophrenia” that I found highly offensive. She claimed that young people generally, and especially young “schizophrenics” have immature, poorly developed frontal lobes. This is ageist nonsense. In addition, the drugs that are used to treat schizophrenia cause permanent brain damage, cognitive decline and shorten life expectancy by many years (I told this to the psychiatrist Mark Taylor who corrected my claim that it was by 15 years by saying it was “only” shortened by 13 years, and the best survival statistics come from treatment with Clozapine!)

The initial decision to inject me with depot Paliperidone was made by a middle-aged middle-eastern psychiatrist by the name of Falih Al-Sudani who came and saw me when I was locked up on the instigation of my father in 2012. I had been locked up in the double-locked “AOA” (Acute Observation Area) now called the “HDU” (High Dependency Unit) for several days without footwear or a change of clothes. He told me the decision had been made to start me on “depot” after a discussion between him and Paul Schneider. He said, in a blatant lie, that the drug did not cause any side effects. This is an example of criminal negligence. It is the legal responsibility of doctors to warn patients of drug risks and side effects.

“Dr” Parashar repeated this gross negligence and told me that depot Aripiprazole did not cause any side-effects. I said it too is a dopamine-blocker but he countered that it is a “partial agonist”. I knew that I would not be released unless I accepted the abusive injection, which was given to me immediately before I was allowed to leave (on Wednesday). During the week I was locked up I was given oral Aripiprazole, which had the effect of making me drool again. This distressing and stigmatising side-effect was the main reason that the case manager Raghavan Raman had refused to comply with injecting me 8 months ago. Since the drug had been stopped the hypersalivation and slurred speech had largely but not completely resolved. I have reason to be concerned that the years of dopamine-blockers have caused permanent damage to my nervous system.

I have also developed both bacterial and fungal infections and am developing a peripheral neuropathy with numbness in my toes. For the first few days in hospital my blood pressure was also high (up to 185/120) but this was the effect of internalised stress and I was able to bring it down by relaxation strategies. I was offered Benztropine (Cogentin) for the hypersalivation, but I refused this. I was also told that I am mildly anaemic. My health has deteriorated considerably in the past two weeks and I am drooling uncontrollably on my desk as I type this. I am very angry about this. My younger daughter is only 10 years old and I don’t want to be crippled and killed slowly.

I was taken to the PA Hospital because of another malicious report by my next-door neighbour Jeffrey Mitchell Miller, who does not like “Asians” or “Blacks”. He also dislikes people who are “mental”, and has made this clear to me since 2008, when my mother bought the house I am living in, since I was homeless and had been living in a garage for a year, blacklisted from renting properties after being repeatedly locked up since 1995. Miller was already living at 74 Fegen Drive when Sara di Genova and I moved in on 16 October, 2008. I extended my hand in friendship and invited Miller and his family to dinner shortly after we moved in. He did not reciprocate. I only realised about his prejudice towards Asians later, when he showed me a new sculpture he had installed in his back garden, made out of copper pipes he had acquired from work.

“This one is called “One Hung Low”, he said, showing me that the sculpture had one testicle lower than the other. “Heidi and I had a good laugh about that one”, he told me. It was an old joke laughing at Chinese names and Chinese people and I was not amused.

Miller works for a local gas and electricity company called “GasElec” and drove a Mercedes-Benz van saying “Catering Services Division” and the personalised number-plate “GAS 21”. He owns several cars and loves Holdens. Prior to 2008 he was trying to renovate an old Holden, with the help of a friend. He mistreats animals, and dislikes nature, especially ants. He poisoned the trees that the Brisbane City Council planted on the nature strip because they were, in his opinion, “infested” by ants. He drinks heavily after he returns from work and used to spend a lot of time revving his cars. His young daughter was a talented saxophone player (indeed a prodigy) but she doesn’t play anymore.

Miller has done his utmost to get me “kicked out of the neighbourhood” over the past 10 years. He first reported that I was “throwing things out of the window” in 2010, when I was cleaning my bedroom and throwing out old clothes to make room. I was locked up for a week under Dr. Daniel Varghese, whose family I had known since the 1970s (his uncle Paul and I were batch-mates at the University of Queensland and I was a frequent visitor to their family home when Paul’s father George was still alive).

Between 2012 and 2015 Miller got me locked up several times by reporting me to the police and psychiatric system. This stemmed from his ire at the ecological project I began in an effort to breed Striped Burrowing Frogs and Green Tree Frogs by running water continuously through shallow channels and ponds that I dug with a spade. When I did this I found out some interesting things about the history of the house I am living in and have established Golden Ant Enterprises at.

When I ran the water from my two outside taps I found that the water pooled in a depression under the house. I dug this hole to about a metre and uncovered the stump of a large tree. The rear tap emptied onto a cement box and fed underground to what became a pond under the house. This was part of the original 1942 septic system built by American soldiers during the Second World War, when all the houses on Fegen Drive were built (out of asbestos). I also found that the there was a manhole in the back garden and found that it had a bifurcation – one pipe led to Miller’s back garden and the other flowed towards the creek. When I dug in the front garden I found that a more recent PVC pipe had been laid draining my water to Miller’s property. It became evident that he had set up this system before I moved here, but I wasn’t sure of its purpose.

As a result of the topography of the land, as well as Miller’s diversion system, when I ran my water constantly, instead of draining to the creek (as the Council’s newer drainage sign says it does) the water drained into Miller’s property, making his back garden soggy. I apologised for this and built a clay retaining bund to prevent it. Miller was not satisfied with this and reported me to the Brisbane City Council as well as taking out an Emergency Examination Order (EEO) to get me taken to the PA Hospital for by the Moorooka Police (members of which he knew) for “assessment”. I was accused of “digging trenches” and “flooding my yard”, claims which are still evident in subsequent PA Hospital “Clinical Reports” for the Mental Health Review Tribunal (MHRT).

There was also the additional factor of my family’s role. My father Brian and sister Shireen are very hostile to me. Both Shireen and my father worked for many years at the PA Hospital; Shireen trained as a surgeon at the hospital at the same time as my father was working as a visiting consultant on one of the medical wards. My father had Miller’s number and Miller had his. They used to ring each other but I don’t know what they said, however my mother told me Miller rang him frequently. I also heard my father say (when I was talking to my mother on the phone), “Ring Miller, Camel (her name is Kamalini). We can jump up and down but the hospital won’t listen to us.” When my mother demurred he said, “What about the other neighbours?”

I also have the statements that were made by the Moorooka Police and Miller (to the police) in September 2015, after Miller reported that I was armed with a knife that looked like a meat-cleaver, was “slashing at a tree” in order to “intimidate” him, and he feared that I would run across the road and stab him because of the hatred he imagined I had for him. He said that I hated him because he had reported me to the mental health system.

It is true that I dislike Miller, but I was not “slashing” at the tree and did not even see him spying on me from his garden. I am not in the habit of threatening people with knives or stabbing people. I also have the police recording of the police call record from 22 September 2015 (my 55th birthday) when this event occurred. These indicate that the Police reported that I had “weapons” in my house including knives, a hacksaw and bolt-cutters. It is true that I have a few knives in my kitchen and a single saw, but I don’t have bolt-cutters. These are tools, not weapons and the knife I used to cut a groove in the Paperbark (Melaeuca) Tree that got Miller so alarmed was not a “meat-cleaver”. It was an ornamental knife that I had fashioned from a broken sliver of mirror with a handle made of Melaleuca bark, held together with PVC glue.

The police reported that the knife was “found” by my father after I was locked up and he and Miller gave the knife to Constable Nick Giunta together. His report was that when the police came to the house (while I was being held in the hospital) both Miller and my father were present. The police receipt, however, has the signature of my mother rather than my father.

After I was locked up I was interviewed in the West Wing ward by two officers from the Moorooka Station (Nick Guinta and Kirsty Silman) who told me I was being charged with “going armed so as to cause fear”. Miller was described in their report as the “victim”. I asked the Charge Nurse to sit in on the interview. He was no help and made me even more anxious by telling me I’d probably be put on a “forensic order”. Nigel Lewin, the case manager (who is a British-trained nurse) urged me to get professional legal advice and my mother offered to pay for it. This was after I had been locked up for two months under Dr. Justin O’Brien who told me shortly after I was locked up at the PA that my parents had sold my house and I would not be able to return here. I was devastated.

The police eventually dropped the charges. This was after I wrote a letter to the police prosecutor explaining what really happened. Prior to this, I followed the advice of Nigel Lewin and my mother and sought legal advice from a criminal lawyer by the name of Trent Jones at Russo Lawyers. Jones obtained the police report for which I had to pay him $600 following which he advised that the case against me was “strong” and I should plead guilty for which he wanted to be paid a further $4000 to represent me in court. He advised that pleading not guilty would cost me about $8000. He charged me $1200 for this negligent advice. I sacked him and successfully represented myself.

When my mother bought this house she did so against the wishes of my father. I had been living for a year in the garage of a Polish couple by the name of Pawel Obrocki and Gosia Osielska at 33 Arras Street, Yeronga. I had met Obrocki in 2006, when I was camping in the Border Ranges National Park in northern New South Wales. I have visited this national park since 1978 when it was still the Wiangaree State Forest. I was taken there by a fellow medical student who also collected butterflies. He had told me you can catch Richmond Birdwings there and took me to a rocky outcrop called “The Pinnacle” where there were many Jewels (beautiful species of Lycaenid) doing what is called “hill-topping” – flying round and round hilltops. I stopped catching and killing butterflies only in 2010. Prior to this I have collected butterflies in Fiji, Nepal, Kenya, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Java, Japan and Sri Lanka.

My whole family were involved in collecting, back in 1968 when we were introduced to the “hobby” by my father’s secretary and lover Joyce Achong. It was Joyce who bought us several copies of “The Butterfly Fauna of Ceylon” by the retired British Surveyor-General L.G.O. Woodhouse, published by The Colombo Apothecaries’ Company in 1942. I treasured my soft-cover copy of this book, while my mother had a hard-cover edition. This was my reference text when we collected butterflies, which became something of an obsession of mine. My ambition was to collect male and female “specimens” of all the species in the book, identify them, pin them out, dry them and display them in the cabinets that my father got made by carpenters in Sri Lanka and Australia to house my collection. I only later realised his true motives. These were a prelude to harvesting the valuable wildlife of the North and East of Sri Lanka during the war, and I was the collector. I didn’t just collect butterflies – I collected other insects, bird feathers and wings (I shot the birds with an air-gun I was given for my thirteenth birthday), shells, coral, snakes, animal skins and skulls as well as flowers for my mother to identify, draw and paint. I enjoyed this, but most of my collection was acquired by my father. I still have the butterfly and shell collection, which I was allowed to bring to Australia, when we migrated from Kandy in 1976.

My collections are very valuable. I also had a coin collection including ancient Sri Lankan coins that were given to me by George Somasunderam, the husband of my grandmother Daisy’s younger sister, Ruby. “George Uncle” as we called him lived in Jaffna and had a big collection of valuable coins. He also collected stamps as did my father’s father Philip Senewiratne, whose collection was acquired by my father and added to by my mother when we were in England. I have memories of spending hours in the public library while my mother identified the stamps in the collection in the Stanley Gibbons Stamp Catalogue, writing in pencil the value of each stamp. My sister and I were given stamp albums in 1966, and I was very interested in collecting stamps from foreign nations. In the 1970s I was allowed to add to the main family stamp collection and was allowed to take it with me when I left the family home after I graduated as a doctor (in 1983, till which time I lived with my parents and sister on a 10-acre block of mostly forested land at 292 Pine Mountain Road, in what was then called “Mount Gravatt East” but was renamed “Carina Heights”).

When I was locked up under Justin O’Brien in 2015 my father pressured my mother to evict me and put the house up for sale. Two days after I was locked up he sent him a fax saying the house had already been sold, which was not true. I was told by O’Brien that my chance of returning here was between “zero and Buckley’s”. I was told that “my things” had been put in “storage” and I would have to pay for this. Then I was told by a woman by the name of Claire Gamble (who was acting as “my” case manager since Nigel Lewin was away on holidays) that I was being relocated in a small town in near Kingaroy by the name of Nanango. I was told that my family had found a property there and my mother was negotiating to buy an old house on a small acreage for me to live in – away from civilisation.

I had never heard of Nanango, so Gamble showed it to me on her mobile phone. I agreed to the plan. It was better than being in hospital. However, I was then told that the plan had “fallen through” and I would need to see the “homeless team”. This was very traumatic. To add insult to injury I was moved from West Wing to “Grevillea Ward” – the psychogeriatric ward. This was hell. I rang my mother in tears and begged to be allowed to return home. I am an upbeat person, but the trauma had made me suicidal. My mother conferred with my father and they agreed to let me return home.

When I was driven home by Clare Gamble I was shocked. My beautiful garden had been destroyed. All the trees and shrubs I had planted since 2008 had been cut down leaving only stumps . These included 3 pine trees, several young Frangipani Trees (including the one I had planted over my daughter Zoe’s placenta), a beautiful young broad-leafed Eucalyptus, a young Banyan Tree (that Sara had given me as a bonzai), two Grevilleas, two Banksias, a beautiful flowering Wattle and a Quandong Tree. In addition, all my ferns and potted plants had been stolen. The house was completely empty except for a treasured photo of different Indigenous Australians from a 1950s atlas that was thrown on the floor of my bedroom, and my Ebony mask from Tanzania that was on the front steps. I also found a pile of my daughters’ art that had been thrown in pile in the front garden along with some of my own, which had been vandalised, torn and defaced. The Buddhist shrine I had made had been destroyed. A year later I found the Buddha statue in my parents’ garden.

When I went to the Mt Gravatt Storage King, where my property had been taken by my father (in the back of his trailer with the help of a stooge of his by the name of Gajan) I found that everything had been jumbled together, including food taken from the kitchen, which was rotting and attracting rats. The removalists I employed refused to move some of the property as a result. When eventually I got my property back from the storage unit I found that many of my valuables were missing. These included all my Aboriginal art, my coin album, stereo amplifier, video camera, SLR camera and memory sticks. There was an obvious effort to sabotage my musical work, with theft of my drumsticks, cymbal and I-Lok (electronic key to use Pro-Tools) and other percussion instruments. A year later, when I was locked up again at the PA Hospital, more of my musical instruments were stolen, including my four guitars and Fender bass as well as a brand new Lenovo laptop computer. They also stole more of what had been left of my coin collection. I reported this matter twice to the police but they have not retrieved my property or interviewed any suspects.

In 2013 my father was invited as a “senator” of the Transnational Government of Tamil Eelam (TGTE) to give a presentation in the USA on Tamil refugees in Australia. He said that the policy of Australia is the same as that of Sri Lanka – “violate their basic rights, torture them, drive them mad and get them to commit suicide”. I have reason to think that this is actually his modus operandi.

Holistic University Network (HUN)

Holistic University Network (HUN)

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Messages to Kieran Kinsella, Executive Director of Metro South Addiction and Mental Health Services (MSAMHS)

  • Hi Kieran,
  • Thanks for connecting.
  • JUL 19View Romesh’s profile
  • Romesh Senewiratne-Alagaratnam 3:40 PM
  • Hi Kieran,
  • I am appealing to you for help and to ensure that I am not further harrassed and assaulted by the PA Hospital.
  • I will fill you in on some of the relevant details. I was first locked up at the PA under Dr Monica Des Arts and Dr Paul Schneider in 2002 on the instigation of my father Dr Brian Senewiratne, who was angry at my opposition to his medical and political actions. Medically I was opposed to his over-use of drugs and politically I was opposed to the Tamil Tigers (LTTE) and their efforts to divide Sri Lanka.
  • My father and family first got me locked up as a mental patient in 1995, when I was 34 years old and the director of my own medical practice in South Dandenong (Willow Lodge Medical Centre) where I had worked since moving to Melbourne from Brisbane in 1988. I graduated at the University of Queensland and did my hospital residency as well as two years as a paediatric registrar at the Royal Children’s Hospital before entering general practice. Prior to entering university I had been the top academic student (dux) of the Church of England Grammar School after we migrated from Sri Lanka in 1976. I had also been the top academic student at Trinity College, Kandy (Sri Lanka) and won many prizes and a scholarship at school.
  • According to Queensland law, people cannot legally have psychiatric treatment forced on them unless they have a mental illness that put themselves or the public at risk. This law is misused frequently with the claim that patients’ mental health will suffer if they don’t have drug treatment and they therefore place themselves at risk by refusing treatment. In addition, refusal to agree that you are mentally ill is regarded as “lack of insight” and evidence that the person is “ill”.
  • I am not mentally ill, and my 11,000+ connections on Linkedin indicate that I have a good professional network. I also have 3500 Facebook friends and YouTube and Scribd sites to which I upload my work.
  • A couple of weeks ago I was contacted by Rebecca Ibbotsen, the Psychosis Unit ‘team leader’ to tell me that I am not under Tarun Sehgal any more. This man had the temerity to ‘diagnose’ me as having ‘paranoid schizophrenia’ AND ‘personality disorders’ after two half-hour consultations three months apart and refused to read any of my work (which proves beyond reasonable doubt that I am not mentally ill).
  • I have been sterilized by the injections of Paliperidone which are now causing a peripheral neuropathy, slurring of my speech and hypersalivation. I complained to Sehgal and Dr Balaji Motamarri about this but the injection (which is not clinically justified in the first place) was not reduced let alone stopped, as it should be.
  • I left a message for you to call me to discuss this serious matter with me personally. My number is (07) 3277-2010
  • my email address is:
  • Thanks
  • Romesh Senewiratne-Alagaratnam
  • JUL 29View Romesh’s profile
  • Romesh Senewiratne-Alagaratnam 7:18 PM
  • Hi Kieran,
  • I was visited unannounced by the ‘case manager’ Nigel Lewin at my home and the headquarters of the Holistic University Network (HUN).
  • The HUN is a network of virtual universities that I began establishing in 2011 following the foundation of the Holistic University of Brisbane (HUB) in 2009, when I moved up to Brisbane from Melbourne.
  • I first met Ngel Lewin when he was working at the ‘Burke Street Clinic’ located next to the PA Hospital. His job was to inject patient after patient in the ‘treatment room’ under the orders of the psychiatrists and psychiatric registrars who precribed the depot injections. This was under the directorship of Dr Balaji Motamarri who was then the executive director of MSAHMS.
  • Nigel Lewin has been harassing me for years and comes to my house and leaves phone messages that I am to come to the ‘clinic’ for another injection. He calls himself a ‘clinical nurse’ and told me that he has a masters degree in tropical medicine as well as nursing qualifications but did not know what the amygdala is, and had not heard of Walter Cannon (the Harvard physiologist who coined the terms ‘fight and flight’ and ‘rest and digest’ to describe the functions of the sympathetic and parasympathetic branches of the autonomic nervous system). Yet he told me he was teaching nursing at several universities in Queensland before he started working for the PA Hospital (and later Metro South Hospital and Health Service).
  • Lewin had admitted to me in the past that I do not show signs of schizophrenia and today said he did not think I had a personality disorder. He says, though that this is because I am ‘under treatment’ (for what?)
  • The Indian psychiatrist Tarun Sehgal, who I have seen twice for a short period of time each time (in a small room with no windows) while he typed into a small DELL laptop on his desk rather than having a normal conversation with me, has written in a report to the Mental Health Review Tribunal (MHRT) that I have ‘paranoid schizophrenia’ as well as ‘specific personality disorders’. He refused to stop the dopamine-blocking drug despite the lack of clinical indication and the adverse affects I am suffering from. I know this because I trained in medicine at the University of Queensland, whereas Sehgal trained in an obscure medical school in Tamil Nadu (graduating many years after I did and without a comparable academic record),
  • The report the “psychosis team” submitted to the MHRT is full of false and misleading claims about me and amounts to a serious character assassination. It has been added to and embellished by serial psychiatrists and psychiatry registrars since 2011 and my repeated efforts to correct what is an official record about me have gone unheeded.
  • I told Lewin two months ago that I am claiming $2m compensation from him for his actions against me over the past 7 years and that it will go up by $1m for every subsequent injection I am given against my will and despite all the evidence I have provided of my sanity over the years.
  • I told him that I am now claiming $4m from him (he has injected me twice since I advised him of my intention to sue) and also claiming $4m from Tarun Sehgal as well as $5m from Dr Balaji Motamarri. This is in addition to my claims against the PA Hospital, Metro South Addiction and Mental Health Services (MSAMHS) and Metro South Hospital and Health Service (MSHHS).
  • I advised Lewin again that I do not want to be contacted by the PA Hospital, MSAHMS or MSHHS except through your lawyers MinterEllison.
  • Details of my claim can be found on the HUB Legal Department Facebook page:
  • Thanks

Security Check Required

  • SEP 2View Romesh’s profile
  • Romesh Senewiratne-Alagaratnam 12:25 PM
  • Hi Kieran,
  • I have received two notes, one in the mail and one hand-delivered by a nurse by the name of Ian McKenzie. He said he had replaced Nigel Lewin as “my” case manager.
  • I am not a case but I have a case against the PA Hospital and Nigel Lewin. Details of my claims have been published and I am transparent in my actions.
  • McKenzie told me that another Indian psychiatrist by the name of Anup Joseph is now “my doctor”. I am not in need of a doctor and have a history of being disrespected, defamed and poisoned by a series of psychiatrists at the PA Hospital. I have also been locked up many times for refusing the abusive injections and refuting the negligent misdiagnosis of schizophrenia and was told that this would likely happen again if I do not attend the appointment with Joseph. I asked to speak to Anup Joseph on the phone but my request was refused.
  • This is high-handed abusive treatment, Kieran and I want it to stop. It is illegal to keep me on a treatment authority (TA) when I am in obviously good mental health and my postings on Linkedin, Facebook and YouTube prove this to have been the case for many years.
  • Please intervene in this serious matter and ensure that I am not persecuted and tortured further.
  • TODAYView Romesh’s profile
  • Romesh Senewiratne-Alagaratnam 11:30 AM
  • Hi Kieran,
  • 10 weeks ago I attended an appointment with Dr Anup Joseph who qualified in the Manipal University in India many years after I graduated in Medicine at the University of Queensland.
  • I attended the appointment under duress following messages from Ian McKenzie advising me that if I failed to attend the appointment police would be sent to my house to return me to the hospital by force.
  • Prior to seeing him I rang Anup Joseph who told me he couldn’t give me the time I needed and that he knew it was a “serious matter”. I objected that I was suffering from sciatica and did not want to drive because of the pain in my left leg and back. He was unconcerned and insisted that I come in and see him, which I did despite the pain and discomfort.
  • I told him about the adverse effects of slurred speech, anhedonia, drooling (hypersalivation), sterility (no ejaculate), and peripheral neuropathy and asked that the injections be ceased since it is patently obvious that I am in good mental health and do not suffer from schizophrenia or any other mental illness. I do not have a ‘personality disorder’ either as was claimed by Tarun Sehgal, the previous psychiatrist who also graduated in India many years before I graduated in Australia.
  • Throughout the ‘consultation’ Anup Joseph was reading the CIMHA entries rather than maintaining eye contact and concentrating on what I was saying. This is basic courtesy and essential to follow the complexities of my conversation and narrative. It is also essential for a proper mental health examination and evaluation. You cannot listen and read about something else at the same time. My ten year old daughter knows this.
  • During the 45-minute interview he asked me about my father and the Mafia after reading what was on the PA hospital’s report for the MHRT. This forced me into a discussion about my father and the Genovese Mafia rather than my work as I had intended. I had taken two of my works with me to show him, “Eugenics and Genocide in the Modern World” (2010) and ‘The Politics of Schizophrenia” (2001). He scan read the contents page of the latter and read part of the section on “aetiological theories of schizophrenia”. He didn’t even scan-read the rest of the 300-paged book. He didn’t look at “Eugenics and Genocide in the Modern World” and changed the topic when I tried to discuss its contents with him.
  • Anup Joseph told me he is a “nominal Catholic” and that he comes from Kerala in South India. It so happens that this is where the Varghese family is from. I went to medical school with Paul Varghese who has long been the Director of Geriatrics at the PA and was one of his wedding guests. I have visited their family home many times and had long discussions with the brothers’ late father, George, who was a lecturer at the University of Queensland.
  • In a profound betrayal of my friendship with the Varghese Family I was locked up at the PA Hospital under Daniel Varghese in 2009 and 2010 on the instigation of my father, Brian Senewiratne, who also knows the family. I was not mentally ill at the time as can be verified by looking at my YouTube site which dates back to 2008.
  • Much to my horror, Anup Joseph who, as I said, hadn’t been concentrating on my speech and eye movements (essential for understanding and effective communication), told me he was INCREASING the abusive injection back to 100 mg of Paliperidone, despite the side-effects I was suffering from and despite the fact that I clearly do not have schizophrenia. This drug is a treatment for schizophrenia whose efficacy has been demonstrated only on the basis of improved PANSS scores (Positive and Negative Syndrome Scale) The case manager Nigel Lewin who trained as a mental health nurse in Britain has admitted that I do not rate highly on a PANSS score and never have.
  • The one criterion I rate highly on is the scale on “poor insight and judgement”, which is defined as denial of mental illness. This is the basis of monstrous human rights abuses in the USA and around the world.
  • I have very good judgement. I am also reflective and self-critical but I don’t like being subjected to character assassination and defamation. I also don’t like being poisoned and regard these abusive injections as assault constituting Grievous Bodily Harm.
  • The increased dose that I was subjected to on the orders of Joseph made my slurring and drooling so bad that Nigel Lewin refused to inject me with the 100 mg injection again. He agreed, however to inject me with 75mg, though Joseph at first wanted to leave the higher dose as it was.
  • It is now 6 weeks since this injection and I am improving steadily in my health. The salivation has lessened, my speech is clearer and I have a little bit of ejaculate. The strength of my hands, which had decreased and my dexterity playing the piano have improved – though still far short of my ability when I am not being subjected to drugs that block dopamine receptors in the brain.
  • I agreed to see Anup Joseph again in two days time, and hope he will obey the law and revoke the illegal treatment authority (TA) that the hospital has been using against me.
  • Please ensure that my right to refuse is respected.
  • Yours truly
  • Romesh Senewiratne-Alagaratnam
  • Phone: 617- 3277 2010

Romesh Senewiratne-Alagaratnam Arya Chakravarti

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I have an appointment to see Anup Joseph again in 2 days time and have sent Kieran Kinsella another message on Linkedin. hashtagpsychiatry hashtaghumanrights

Anup Joseph’s Crazy Opinion

The PA Hospital psychiatrist Anup Joseph accused me of “living in a shell” and told me he hoped that increasing the dose of the abusive paliperidone injections the hospital has me on would help me “think and see more clearly”.

This short-sighted man does not think and see clearly himself. I showed him one of my folders of original theoretical work on music and the brain and turned the pages for him.

He looked at it through his glasses before saying “I don’t think I would understand most of this” and that he is “not a music person”. He was kind to himself – it means that he does not appreciate music.

I looked up “living in a shell” on Google, having never heard the phrase before. It came up with “being in ones shell”, meaning shy. It gives the example, “Jim is extremely shy. If you try to get him to talk he immediately goes into his shell.”

I am sociable and a good conversationalist with a broad range of interests. I have just reached 12,500 connections on LinkedIn. Anup Joseph is not even on LinkedIn. I have uploaded over 200 videos to my YouTube site including my music and work on holistic health promotion. Anup Joseph is not on YouTube or even on Facebook.

I was only able to find one publication credited to Anup Joseph. This was a paper co-written with other Indian psychiatrists when he was working at Manipal in India where he graduated in 2003. This paper was a study of weight gain on the Eli Lilly ‘antipsychotic’ drug Zyprexa (olanzapine) and involved giving psychiatric patients CT scans to measure their intra-abdominal fat deposits. It is common knowledge that Zyprexa causes unhealthy weight gain and obesity as well as diabetes. I told him this and that exposing patients to CT scans would increase their risk of cancer. He defended his bad science saying it was up to the ethics committee and that they were the first to demonstrate weight gain from Zyprexa in South Asia.

I tried to speak to Anup Joseph and his boss Manaan Kar Ray on the phone but they refused. Anup Joseph lost his temper when I wouldn’t tell him how I got his number. He has poor temper control in addition to being criminally negligent and egregiously corrupt.

HUB Forensics Case Against Dr Manaan (Mannan) Kar Ray