Music Therapy – some postulates

1. Music is an underutilized therapeutic tool.
2. Specific music therapy interventions can be designed and applied for specific medical and psychological problems and tailor-made according to the needs of individual clients.
3. Music therapy interventions need to be based on the specific tastes of the client, though there should be attempts to broaden and guide taste in the direction of healthy music.
4. Identifying healthy music requires attention to lyrical messages as well a musical qualities.
5. Broadening taste and appreciation of music from around the world increases the “therapeutic armoury” available to therapists using music as a medicine.
6. Pleasure from music is healing to the body and mind.
7. Even good music can be unpleasant and harmful if played at the wrong volume or through poor quality sound systems.
8. Taste in music is dynamic and changes with age and maturity, though some people become stuck in their appreciation on particular genres or artists; this is reinforced by the music industry that creates idols and fanaticism (fans are short for fanatics).
9. There is such a thing as good taste in music, and taste can be consciously improved.
10. Though music can be healing, silence is golden.

Patents by Dr Romesh Senewiratne-Alagaratnam Arya Chakravarti

Gondwana Patent System (GPS)

Patents by Dr Romesh Senewiratne-Alagaratnam

  1. Solar Direct Light Technology (SDLT)
  2. Solar Direct Rejuvenation Therapy (SDRT)
  3. Dolphin Eye Technology (DET)
  4. Cosmopolitan Green Architecture (CGA)
  5. Holistic Psychological Profiling (HPP)
  6. Holistic Health Model (HHM)
  7. Holistic Tai Chi (HTC)
  8. Holistic Yoga (HY)
  9. Holistic Therapeutic Calisthenics (HTC)
  10. Holistic Music Therapy (HMT)
  11. Holistic Art Therapy (HAT)
  12. Integrated Model of the Brain and Mind
  13. Holistic Psychological Counselling (HPC)
  14. Holistic Multidirectional Learning (HMDL)
  15. Golden Ant Enterprises (GAE)
  16. Black Ant Enterprises (BAE)
  17. Black Ant Industries (BAI)
  18. Black Ant Energy (BAE)
  19. Red Ant Energy (RAE)
  20. Green Ant Energy (GAE)
  21. Cosmopolitan Music Theory (CMT)
  22. Cosmopolitan Green Agriculture (CGAg)
  23. Cosmopolitan Green Ecology (CGE)
  24. Black Diamond Industries (BDI)
  25. Purple Dolphin Technologies (PDT)
  26. Black Dolphin Technologies (BDT)
  27. Green Ray Technology (GRT)
  28. Gold Ray Technology (GRT)
  29. Black Ray Technology (BRT)
  30. Brown Ray Technology (BRT)
  31. Orange Ray Technology (ORT)
  32. Ruby Ray Technology (RRT)
  33. Pink Ray Technology (PRT)
  34. Purple Ray Technology
  35. Violet Ray Technology
  36. Grey Ray Technology (GRT)
  37. Yellow Ray Technology (YRT)
  1. Ultraviolet Ray Technology
  2. Infrared Ray Technology
  3. Cosmic Ray Technology
  1. Silver Ray Technology (SRT)
  2. Copper Ray Technology
  3. Aluminium Ray Technology (ART)
  4. Steel Ray Technology (SRT)
  5. Nickel Ray Technology (NRT)
  1. Silicon Carbon Dating Machine (SCDM)
  2. Spectrophotography
  3. BDI Spectrophotography (BSPG)
  4. HUB Spectrophotography (HSPG)
  5. BDI Spectrophotometry (BSPM)
  6. HUB Spectrophotometry (HSPM)
  7. HUB Proton Microscope (HPM)
  8. BDI Proton Microscope (BPM)
  9. HUB Electron Microscope (HEM)
  10. BDI Electron Microscope (BEM)
  11. HUB Neutron Microscope (HNM)
  12. BDI Neutron Microscope (BNM)
  13. HUB Photon Microscope (HPM)
  14. BDI Photon Microscope (BPM)
  15. HUB Quark Microscope (HQM)
  16. BDI Quark Microscope (BQM)
  17. Proton Timeline (PTL)
  18. Neutron Timeline (NTL)
  19. Electron Timeline (ETL)
  20. Quark Timeline (QTL)
  21. Dr Rom’s Truth Machine (DRTM)
  22. Dr Rom’s Peace Machine (DRPM)
  1. Dr Rom’s Money Machine (DRMM)
  2. Astral Grid (AG)
  3. Global Solar Grid (GSG)
  1. Lunar Grid (LG)
  2. Global Energy Grid (GEG)
  3. Global Geothermal Energy Grid (GGEG)
  4. HUB Crystalology (HC)
  5. BDI Crystalology (BC)
  6. Bubblology
  7. Bubblometry
  8. Bubblography
  9. HUB Bubblology (HB)
  10. BDI Bubblology (BB)
  11. HUB Bubblometry (HBM)
  12. BDI Bubblometry (BBM)
  13. HUB Bubblography (HBG)
  14. BDI Bubblography (BBG)
  15. HUB Linear Accelerator (HLA)
  1. Dr Rom’s Facts Machine (DRFM)
  2. Royal Poinciana Power (RPP)
  3. Gondwana Wind Power (GWP)
  4. Gondwana Hydro Power (GHP)
  5. Gondwana Rain Power (GRP)
  6. Dr Rom’s Weather Machine (DRWM)
  7. BDI Hydro Power (BHP)
  8. Model Power (MP)
  9. Hanna Power (HP)
  10. Paola Power (PP)
  1. Jenya Power (JP)
  2. Kami Power (KP)
  3. Gecko Power (GP)
  4. Crow Power (CP)
  5. Miner Power (MP)
  6. Manorina Power (MP)
  7. Parrot Power (PP)
  8. Turkey Power (TP)
  9. Currawong Power (CP)
  10. Brown Eagle Industries (BEA)
  11. Blue Diamond Industries (BDI)
  12. Black Diamond Industries (BDI)
  13. Purple Diamond Indus Trees (PDIT)

Mind-body healing mechanism

High-handed treatment by the PA Hospital

I am angry. After giving him the benefit of the doubt, despite our history, Professor Mark Taylor has betrayed my trust in him and his considered judgement. I should have been more wary – in 2001 he wrote that I had a psychotic illness when I said (and wrote) that AIDS is man-made. At the time, he opined that before I became “ill” I had a paranoid, narcissistic personality disorder. This character assassination and drugging was at the Alfred Hospital in Melbourne and I had hoped that the last 17 years would have improved Mark Taylor’s judgement and medical practice. A competent psychiatrist can ascertain whether a person is mad or sane in a few minutes, and can do it over the phone.

Last week I received a note in the mail from Raghavan ‘Raghy’ Raman who has been appointed my “case manager” since the English nurse Nigel Lewin went on long-service leave a few months ago. Lewin had been injecting me on the orders of a succession of psychiatrists at the PA since 2012, when I was locked up for 2 months for maintaining that my father was a supporter of Tamil Tiger terrorism and had worked as a lobbyist of the organization. The hospital refused to look at the evidence that I provided of my claims and put me under the authority of an Indian Tamil psychiatrist many years my junior who is known to my father.

The note Raghy sent informed me that “my” injection will be due today but that he would be on leave for two weeks. I was asked to come in for the injection, to be given by one of the other 200 staff of the MSAMHS. I was given a number to ring – that of the “psychosis team”.

I rang the number and asked to speak to Balaji Motamarri, the long-time director of MSAMHS, who also qualified in India, before coming to Australia in 1998. “We don’t have a Dr Motamarri working here”. I said that he was the director of the organization and I was put through, instead to Sharon Locke, the “team leader”. I have spoken to this woman many times in the past, and expressed my objections to the PA Hospital’s negligent, high-handed treatment of its patients, including myself. She listens and notes things down, but says she can’t comment on matters that I need to “discuss with the doctor”, including my diagnosis and need for treatment.

When I met Mark Taylor after 17 years I had 24-hours notice to prepare. I had been phoned by Raghy Raman the day before to say that rather than Ghazala Watt, I would be seeing “Dr Taylor”. I told him that Mark Taylor had been responsible for locking me up in Melbourne in 2001, and was one of the psychiatrists I had named in the Statement of Claim I sent to the hospital, but was not accepted by the courts. The hospital psychiatrists referred to this as my being “litiginous” and further evidence that I was mentally ill.

In 2001 Mark Taylor wrote that I was deluded about “AIDS, eugenics etc” and misrepresented my statement to him that my father was a supporter of Tamil Tiger terrorism, and was trying to stop me from asking him what he knew about biological warfare. Taylor wrote that I believed that my father was spreading AIDS and that he is a “biological terrorist”. He wrote that these beliefs (about AIDS, eugenics and my father) were evidence of schizophrenia and recommended that I be injected with zuclopenthixol (Clopixol) against my will under a “Community Treatment Order” (CTO). I successfully appealed against the CTO was was released from forced treatment by the Alfred Hospital, but now Mark Taylor has turned up again, and has been given power over me.

I answered Mark Taylor’s questions about me honestly but did not get a chance to show him any of the evidence of my sanity that I had carefully packed in my briefcase to show him. The opportunity never arose, since he was sitting in front of the computer screen and typing my responses to his interrogation of me. He was particularly interested in my drug intake but also asked general questions about my health. I was relieved to speak to somebody who was fluent in English and encouraged by his assessment that I was “no longer” psychotic and his promise that would consider reducing the injections.

After I expressed my concerns to Sharon Locke last week, Mark Taylor phoned me back and asked how he could help me. This is a first from psychiatrists at the PA Hospital. I said he had said he would think about stopping or reducing the injection. He agreed he had done so, but wanted to be sure that I was “stable” fiirst. I assured them that I was, and the only problem I have is side-effects from the 100 mg of paliperidone that Ghazala Watt had insisted be injected into me when my father contacted the “service” complaining about me again.

Rather than assessing my mental state over the phone, Mark Taylor said he wanted to “check with your case manager Raghy”. This is ridiculous and negligent. I have already told Taylor how Raman, who is an Indian Tamil with poor English skills, thought that the Tamil Tigers were “activists” rather than terrorists, and was clearly sympathetic to the terrorist organzation I have long been opposed to and my father supported. Today I told Sharon Locke more disturbing facts about Raghy Raman that I had not shared before, since he asked me to keep his confidence. These related to his own medical problems, including the cause of his psoriasis and hypertension. He was blaming the antihypertensives he was on for worsening his psoriasis, but I suggested that maybe stress was a common factor in both. He agreed that he was stressed, but blamed his wife’s behaviour towards him as the cause of the stress, and that there was nothing he could do about it. He then told me he expected to commit suicide when he was forced by his age to retire. This man is not in a position to judge the sanity of me or anyone else.

The injections don’t need to be reduced, they need to be stopped. It is patently obvious that I don’t have schizophrenia, if the the term is to be understood by the contents of psychiatric texts.

On Balaji Motamarri’s Directions

©2018 Romesh Senewiratne-Alagartatnam (MD)

I am writing this to express my strongest condemnation of the thinking and actions of Dr Balaji Motamarri towards me at the Princess Alexandra (PA) Hospital and Metro South Addiction and Mental Health Services (MSAMHS) of which he is the director.

I have never met Dr Motamarri, and he has refused to speak to me, even on the phone, but I have been subjected to abusive diagnosis and treatment by a series of psychiatrists at the PA Hospital and its outpatient clinics since 2002, when I was locked up 5 times under the authority of Dr Paul Schneider, who continues to work as a senior psychiatrist at the hospital to this day. Schneider was acting on the wishes of my father, Dr Brian Senewiratne, who was a long-time consultant at the same hospital and a colleague of his. My father was also a long-time propagandist and lobbyist for the Tamil Tigers (LTTE) travelling the world campaigning for the Tamil Tigers to be de-banned. He claimed that the Tigers were “freedom fighters” rather than terrorists and argued, citing the example of the Irish Republican Army (IRA), that a “guerrilla army using guerrilla tactics on guerrilla soil” could never be defeated, though the fight may go on for hundreds of years.

My father began getting me locked up in 1995, when I first publicly criticised him. A man who holds grudges, he has had me locked up numerous times since then, prevented me from earning my living as doctor, and tried to discredit me by claiming that I was “in and out of mental hospitals” (which was true, but mainly because of his insistence that I had a “serious psychotic disorder” that required “assertive treatment”). To run salt into my wounds, my father presents himself as a champion of human rights and the rights of the oppressed.

Balaji Motamarri, my father and I all have Linkedin and Facebook accounts. What I know about Dr Motamarri comes from what he has made publicly available about himself and his qualifications, rather than personal discussions with him. I have seen him once, when he was pointed out by nursing staff one weekend, when I had been locked up again in 2016. It was a weekend and he was the on-call psychiatrist for the PA. I had been locked up for more than a week and wanted to go home. I wanted to see him so that he could see for himself that I was of sound mind. He didn’t even acknowledge my presence and ignored me completely. I have not seen him since, though the Nigerian psychiatrist who had got me locked up (again on the wishes of my father) kept me locked up for a few more days, and tried to convince me that I had “paranoid schizophrenia”. I pointed out that my long-standing claims that my father was a supporter and lobbyist for the LTTE was not paranoid, it was factual. She ordered that I be injected with the antipsychotic drug paliperidone and placed on an Involuntary Treatment Order (ITO) to enable easier return to the hospital if I become “unwell” again or refuse (the abusive) “treatment”.

Balaji Motamarri’s Linkedin page indicates that he speaks Hindi and Telugu and graduated in medicine at the Andhra Medical College in 1987. His Linkedin page says he has been a psychiatrist in Australia and “Clinical Director, Psychosis Academic Clinical Unit” for 19 years and 8 months (since Oct 1998). Below this it states that he has been ‘Clincal [sic] Director” of MSAMHS since 2012. Since he has been the clinical director of the “Psychosis Academic Clinical Unit” I have been locked up and injected on more than 20 occasions, always at the PA Hospital (one of several hospitals on Brisbane’s south-side that comes under the authority of the MSAMHS).

Despite graduating (in India) some years after I graduated at the University of Queensland, Balaji Motamarri’s Linkedin and Facebook pages do not suggest that he is computer literate. He also has an almost complete absence of academic publications to his name, yet he is supposedly the clinical director of the “Psychosis Academic Clinical Unit”.  As testament to his carelessness, even when confronted with the relatively simple task of listing his experience for Linkedin he made several typographical errors (in addition to ‘clincal’ instead of clinical): He says he is now (since October 2016) the Executive Director of “Clincial Services” of “Metrosouth Mental Health Services”. He hasn’t even got his own title right. This is the “Executive Director of the Metro South Addiction and Mental Health Services (MSAMHS)”.

Balaji Motamarri has 161 Linkedin contacts, including 14 mutual contacts with me. I have about 3500 contacts, including psychologists and psychiatrists from many countries, including India. I also have contacts relevant to my other areas of interest – neuroscience, medicine, meditation, music, human rights, law, Buddhism, journalism and politics. I have posted links to my music and publications on my Linkedin page, which are available to be read by my peers, including Balaji Motamarri. I have sent him a contact request but he hasn’t accepted it yet.

The University of Queensland lists one and only one publication co-authored by Balaji Motamarri. From 2012, and published in “Current Medical Research and Opinion” it is titled “Practical guidelines on the use of paliperidone palmitate on the treatment of schizophrenia”. PubMed lists 3 other papers for which he was a co-author, all published in Australian psychiatry newsletters and all promoting long-acting injectables, like paliperidone. Since I was locked up at the PA in 2012 I have been injected monthly with paliperidone on the orders of a series of psychiatrists answering to Balaji Motamarri. They started off by saying I had schizophrenia, then revised it to “psychotic disorder – not otherwise specified” before changing back to schizophrenia. My protestations that I have never had hallucinations, am motivated and sociable with a stable mood, am well-organized, rational and logical and am obviously of sound mind has fallen on deaf ears. The psychiatrists have consistently taken the side of my father against me and declared me to be “psychotic” and “delusional” to believe that he was maliciously motivated towards me, and that he was a propagandist and lobbyist for the LTTE.

Balaji Motamarri’s Facebook page provides a window into his social life in 2010. There are only 2 postings, from 26 December 2009 “Merry Christmas to all” and from 25 January 2010, when he has posted on his wall what he intended as a personal message to his friend Manju:

“Hi Manju. My apologies for not replying earlier. As you can understand we are ‘recovering’ from our trip – the trip of ‘Telengana Bandhs’. Hyderabad has become a city of uncertain nightmares. And to add to the issue, our daughter’s school is starting in 2 days time and you know the dramas associated with this – just imagine ‘school after 10 weeks on holidays’ – what a nightmare to the parents.”

Balaji Motamarri seems to be feeling sorry for himself because his daughter has to go back to school after 10 weeks of holiday (which he claims he needs to recover from) and this is a “nightmare to the parents”. I have never had nightmares about my daughters going to school, but I have had many nightmares about being locked up by Balaji Motamarri’s unit. In these nightmares I am trying to prove my sanity but am interminably kept waiting. Sometimes I am assaulted by men with needles. Sometimes I am looking for my bed but am faced with endless corridors. My most consistent nightmare is being kept waiting in the confines of the PA Hospital. I am also uncertain about what he meant my Hyderabad becoming a “city of uncertain nightmares”. I am certain about my nightmares. They are very vivid.

Balaji Motamarri has only 182 Facebook friends, and hasn’t made any new ones in recent years. However, when he first filled in the questionnaire for Facebook he enthusiastically listed the Indian educational establishments he studied at. His Intro lists:

Works at MSAMHS

Worked at CNAHS

Studied psychiatry at PGIMER Chandigarh

Studied MBBS at Andhra Medical College, Visakhapatman, India

He also includes three high schools, including one in Chennai, where he matriculated in 1979 (before starting medicine in 1981).


Everybody should be treated with respect, but seniority is an important concept in society and in the medical and academic hierarchies. One is expected to respect ones seniors, as one is expected to respect ones elders. This has a long tradition in the West as well as the East (including India). The MSAHMS boasts that it provides “respect” as ones of its core values. I matriculated in 1978, winning the Tyrwitt Cup for best academic student at the Church of England Grammar School in Brisbane. I was working as a young doctor looking after desperately sick children and at the Royal Children’s Hospital and Prince Charles Hospital when Balaji Motamarri was still a medical student in India. While Motamarri was studying to become a psychiatrist I was looking after a community of 1000 mainly elderly patients, including many with complex illnesses (including mental health problems) as a family doctor in Melbourne. I have researched and lectured on mind-body medicine at Swinburne University in Melbourne, and my lectures can be viewed on YouTube, if Balaji Motomarri and his staff are interested to see what my state of mind was like in 2001 (when I was first misdiagnosed as having schizophrenia). They can even see the interview I gave in 1998 when I discussed my research into the pineal gland with Micheal Adami and the documentaries I have made about eugenics, psychiatry and AIDS (the theories that were diagnosed as ‘delusional’ by the psychiatrists in Melbourne).

I think I am owed the respect of a phone call with him to explain how and why his hospital is misguided to force a disease label and anti-psychotic drugs on me. I am also owed an apology for being locked up for raising uncomfortable truths and being denied my freedom of speech and my physical freedom. I am owed an apology, too, for being poisoned with drugs that have harmed my health and brought me no benefit, as well as putting me at risk of a range of iatrogenic adverse effects. At least I don’t have the added trauma of believing that I have an incurable brain disease.

The Melbourne Establishment’s Response to my AIDS Thesis

I began researching AIDS in Melbourne in 1996. I had initially been struck by the similarity of the negative eugenics targets of the Nazis (notably homosexuals and drug addicts) and the epidemiology of AIDS in the 1980s and 1990s – notably that it was a heterosexual disease affecting women and children in Africa (Pattern 2 countries) while it was mainly confined to homosexuals and injecting drug users in the West (Pattern 1 countries, as they were called).

Following 5 years of research and writing I finished ‘Eugenics and Genocide in the Modern World – the cause of the AIDS epidemic?” in 2001. At the time I was a visiting lecturer at Swinburne University’s Graduate School of Medicine, so I sent copies to Professor Avni Sali, the head of the graduate school and Professor Richard Silberstein, head of Swinburne University’s Brain Sciences Institute. I also discussed my theories about AIDS with Professor Sali in person, and with Professors Gustav Nossal and John Mills over the phone. I discussed it, too, with Associate Professor Mike Toole, head of the Burnet Institute’s International Health Unit and with psychiatrists at the Alfred Hospital, who later claimed that my theories where the paranoid delusions of ‘paranoid schizophrenia’.

Professor Sali, who is a surgeon, said that he too thought AIDS was man-made and could not find flaws in the reasoning of the thesis. He said, however, that there was little he or I could do and that it’s a “big program”. He then suggested that I share my thesis with a man called Noel Campbell. Campbell, trained as a dentist, had been given a “research professorship” at Swinburne by Sali and met me in Lygon Street, Carlton for dinner. He told me that he was 90% certain that AIDS was man-made and developed by the USA, and told me about a lawyer by the name of Boyd Graves, who was supposedly taking the US Government to court for developing the Human Immunodefieciency Virus (HIV) as a biological weapon to target Black people. I later discovered that this was a fraud, Boyd Graves worked for the US Navy and was trying to make money from distributing a flow chart of the 1970s “Special Cancer Virus Program” which he said “proved” that AIDS was man-made. Graves also claimed that he himself was cured of HIV infection by a single injection of a drug called Imusil which had been patented by a Jewish businessman by the name of Marvin Antelsman. I found that Antelsman had Israeli military connections and that he had been involved in setting up computer systems for Israeli submarines. Also Imusil is a preparation of colloidal silver that had long been used as an anti-fungal skin preparation by the Israeli military.

Mike Toole, who I met in the street when I was busking and later rang at the Burnet Institute trained as an epidemiologist at Monash University in Melbourne. He is the long-time head of the institute’s International Health Unit (IHU) that has NGO status and advises on AIDS management in numerous countries in the Asia Pacific region. He said “we prefer to the leave the politics out of it and focus on strategies that work”. These were barrier methods of contraception (notably condoms) and early intervention with drugs, though the institute is also involved in promoting childhood vaccination as a major part of its international health programs. Toole’s boss at the Burnet Institute, the Harvard-trained microbiologist John Mills intially supported my opposition to biological weapons, but hung up the phone on me when I suggested that HIV was a bioweapon.

I had several conversations with Sir Gustav Nossal, who was involved in the WHO immunization programs in Africa that may be implicated in the introduction of HIV to Africa (notably the smallpox and polio eradication programs). He asked me to send him a copy of my thesis, which I did. When I rang him later to discuss it with him he and raised the possibility that the USA had developed HIV as a bioweapon to counter the “Third World Overpopulation” concerns that were stridently expressed in the West in the 1960s, he rebuked me, “Dr Senewiratne, this conversation is going outside the realms of a normal scientific discussion”.

The most dramatic of the responses was from Professor Richard Silberstein of Swinburne’s Brian Sciences Institute, when I rang him. I remember the date, because it was September 11, 2001. “Sorry Romesh, I can’t talk now. Turn on your TV. Some of our people are there.”

I turned on the TV and watched the second plane hit the twin towers.

I also gave a copy of my thesis to the psychiatrists at the Alfred Hospital. They refused to comment on it, but said that my belief that AIDS was man-made and involved Australian institutions was a paranoid delusion and a symptom of schizophrenia. This had the effect of silencing me for a while, though I continued to find evidence to support the hypothesis, including the historian Philip Dorling’s discovery in 2001, that Frank Macfarlane Burnet (after whom the Burnet Institute is named) secretly advised the Australian government and military to focus on developing our chemical and biological warfare capability and use it offensively (though illegally) to attack “the teeming hordes” of “coloured people” to our North, which he and other White Australian intellectuals thought were breeding too fast.

This is the 2010 edition of the book, reduced from 600 to less than 300 pages.



Threats by the PA Hospital

I was just visited unannounced by Raghavan ‘Raghy’ Raman from the corrupt Princess Alexandra Hospital. He brought a different woman from last time – an overweight white woman wearing spectacles who said she was a “clinical psychologist”.

Raman said that “the psychosis team” had decided that I would no longer be injected in my home (after I filmed it) and I had to go to the “Wooloongabba Clinic” to be injected with whatever the “doctor” ordered. They refused to name the doctors at the meeting who had decided this, and told me that I could ring the “team leader”, Sharon Locke on the number: 3317 1070 to discuss it. They refused to let me photograph them, and got very alarmed when I held my camera up.

These people are reluctant to give their real names, and their ID cards are worn on their belt so they are hard to see. I saw that her name if Gemma McKeon and she refused to tell me where she graduated. She laughed, with a forced laugh and Raman laughed too. He was very tense and curt, though, and said he didn’t have “time” to talk to me and that he had been trying to ring me but it kept going to message bank. My phone has not been off the hook and I haven’t been using it much.

When I pressed them, they admitted that Ghazala Watt had been at the “meeting” along with Sharon Locke, but wouldn’t say who else is on the “psychosis team” or who is in charge of it. I know that this is a corrupt and incompetent Indian psychiatrist by the name of Balaji Motamarri (see his Facebook and Linkedin pages).

I did ring the number, saying that I was Dr Alagaratnam, and a woman answered saying “psychosis team, can I help you?”

I asked her who was in charge of the psychosis team and she said Sharon Locke (I checked that it was spelled Locke, rather than Loch or Lock). She is the “team leader”, and they only disclose the names of the doctors to other doctors.

I asked if she could tell me how many doctors there were in the ‘psychosis team’.

She said, “6 or 7”

“Is it 6 or is it 7?” I asked


I asked for all their names.

She said “There’s doctor Nelligan”

“What’s his first name?” I asked
“Adrian, why do you want to know this?”

I said there had been complaints about the psychosis team and I was investigating.

She then said that I needed to ring their Head Office, on 3156 9801.

“Who do I ask for?” I asked

“Her name’s Amanda”

“Amanda what?”

“Amanda Singh”

“”That’s an Indian name”

“Yes” . .

I then asked to speak to Sharon Locke, but was told she was in a meeting. I said to tell her to expect a call from me at 3.00 pm.

I was expecting the PA Hospital to try this again. They’ve got me locked up at my father’s request on more that 20 occasions over the years that I have been fighting against the LTTE. This is how the LTTE operate. They are cowards – I am expecting the corrupt Queensland Police Service to come to my house later today and take me back to the hospital to be locked up again, so my father can ransack my house again and destroy the evidence I have been posting against him. He has done this in past, most recently in 2015.